InTec PRODUCTS, INC. participate in #MedlabMiddleEast2024 Feb 07, 2024

On February 5, 2024, the Medlab Middle East 2024, the international exhibition for laboratory instruments and equipment in the Arab region, took place at the Dubai World Trade Center. As a significant gathering for the medical laboratory instruments and diagnostics field in the Middle East, the event brought together top companies and experts for business collaborations and academic exchanges.

InTec, showcased at booth Z2.K38, focused on addressing the unique challenges in disease diagnosis and prevention in the region, such as high costs and limited access to healthcare. The showcased products primarily included a series of infectious disease testing solutions for HCV, HIV, HBV, TP, Malaria, as well as a new generation of blood typing diagnostics. The booth attracted numerous industry experts and distribution partners who were interested in consulting and engaging in discussions.

Emphasis on cost-effectiveness

Aims to contribute to the global goal of achieving "zero malaria"

Malaria remains a major public health issue worldwide, and the Middle East is among the regions heavily affected. China itself has faced the challenges of malaria and, during over 70 years of fighting against it, InTec's malaria diagnostic products have contributed to malaria prevention and control efforts within the country.

In response to the global challenge of malaria, InTec actively promotes product innovation and enhancement to improve diagnosis rates. InTec's malaria rapid testing products, combining the current international trends in malaria prevention and control, offer higher sensitivity and specificity. These products have the potential to become another significant addition to InTec's lineup, following the success of their HIV and HCV products, and will benefit more countries and regions in the future, ultimately benefiting a larger population.

Innovative Second Generation Blood Grouping Test

Exclusive Patent, Know Your Blood Type in 1 Minute

Blood safety is crucial for human life and social stability. In this process, blood type testing plays a vital role in ensuring transfusion and medical quality.

InTec's innovative second-generation blood grouping kit utilizes the independently developed Fully Solid Phase methodology, making it the first of its kind in the blood typing industry. It has obtained patent licenses in over ten countries worldwide. Compared to traditional slide-based blood typing methods, this product offers advantages such as ease of operation, no cold-chain shipping or refrigeration required, and no risk of cross-contamination. Therefore, it has earned the trust and favor of customers.

After 35 years of development, InTec has formed a marketing network covering more than 2,000 dealers with stable product supply, reliable product quality and perfect product management system, and has realized the annual inspection of more than 500 million people. With this participation in Medlab Middle East, we hope to use this platform to further showcase and contribute to the "InTec power" to help more countries carry out public health construction, and actively promote global medical access as a key actor.

Welcome to InTec’s booth, exchange your insights, looking forward to your arrival!

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