InTec PRODUCTS invites you to visit us at ISBT 2024 at C.72 Jun 17, 2024

InTec PRODUCTS invites you to visit us at ISBT 2024 during June 23-27. We will be delighted to welcome you at C.72!

The ISBT is a professional society established in 1935, attracting transfusion medicine professionals from over 100 countries to share findings and best practices in various fields of transfusion medicine. ISBT organizes international and regional conferences worldwide to facilitate academic exchanges and discussions on topics such as global blood safety, blood donation and donors, transfusion-transmitted infections, blood grouping and typing, immunohematology, clinical transfusion, blood components, and cellular therapies. Its mission is to promote communication and knowledge sharing in order to advance global transfusion medicine and the industry.

Book a meeting and come to our booth to learn about our latest products!

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